.223 Remington Steel Cased Bullet Keyring | Real Bullet Keychain


The Famous 223 Remington Bullet Keyring

  • Featuring a 25mm Split Ring
  • Full length case resized
  • Professionally seated bullet
  • Cleaned and polished
  • Steel Case

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Locked and Loaded: .223 Remington Bullet Keyring in Steel Casing

The .223 Remington is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge. It was developed in 1957 by Remington Arms. The .223 Remington is considered one of the most popular common-use cartridges and is currently used by a wide range of semi-automatic and manual-action rifles as well as handguns. This particular keyring is made from steel cased cartridges. Both steel and brass cartridges are still widely used to this day

The .223 Remington bullet, commonly referred to as the .223 Rem, is a renowned cartridge in the world of firearms, revered for its versatility and performance. Developed by Remington Arms in the 1960s, it has since become a staple choice for various applications, including hunting, target shooting, and military use.
Known for its flat trajectory and relatively mild recoil, the .223 Rem is favoured by hunters for small to medium-sized game, as well as for varmint control. In target shooting, its accuracy and consistency make it a popular choice for competitive shooters and recreational marksmen alike. Moreover, it has been adopted by military forces around the world, notably as the standard round for the M16 and AR-15 platforms due to its effectiveness in combat situations. The .223 Rem cartridge’s adaptability and reliability continue to make it a preferred option for shooters across different disciplines, cementing its status as a true classic in the realm of firearms.

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